BE5B01DEN - Differential equations & numerical methods

Prem-exam: The early bird exam will take place on Wednesday, May 23 2018, at 14:00 at the department of mathematics. Those intending to participate should register via e-mail and bring along notebooks with Maple.

sylabus - the most important information about the course.
Schedule of classes - weekly outlines of lectures and a special printable version of slides. We strongly recommend that you print them and take them with you to lectures.
• Information on midterms and project. Sample midterm.
Semestral project for spring 2018 and given problem.
Information on the final.
Sample final test with Maple workbook. Practice problems for Maple. The official cheat sheet can be used during the final.

Important information for the start: The classes take place at room 459, where every student has a terminal connected to the kepler server. A basic manual is here. Every student will be given an account on the kepler server where you can play and do your semestral work. Further details will be supplied during classes.

Lecture notes for the course: Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Mathematics.

Some goodies:
Table for practicing solution estimates for special right hand-side (linear ODE).
Solved problems on ODE's with detailed solutions.
Practice problems on ODE's and brief solutions.

If you want to use the library NumericalMethods on your computer, download the files
NumericalMethods.mla (library of procedures)
NumericalMethods.hdb (Help library)
and put them into the library folder of your Maple, the traditional place is .../Maple/lib/.

Warning: I do not use the latest version, so I found out too late that starting from version Maple 18, the Help database uses a new format. The library .hdb has to be converted to the .help format.

If this gives you trouble, here are help pages for the procedures.