EA4B01DMA Discrete mathematics for OI

sylabus - the most important info about the course.
Schedule of classes - weekly outlines of lectures and a special printable version of slides. We strongly recommend that you print them and take them with you to lectures.
• Information on midterms - times and topics covered. Practice problems for midterm 1 and midterm 2.

Information on the final, topics for the test, practice problems for the test.

Lecture notes: We recommend Rosen's Discrete mathematics that covers most topics, but it can be a bit complicated for beginners at times. Scheinerman's Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction is a nice introduction to many of the topics we cover here and also to logic and the art of proofs. For the topics not covered in these two books, see lecture notes.

Homeworks: Each is due in the lab the week after it was assigned, see the specification in their headings. They will not be graded, so there is no need to worry, the important thing is to switch on your brain and give it a good try. The purpose of these homeworks is that students think about new topics and master elementary techniques before we look at these things properly in labs.