A4B01DMA Discrete mathematics: Schedule of classes

I will try to follow the following schedule, but I cannot rule out changes caused by higher causes (illness, natural disasters etc.) or by a flash of inspiration getting grip of me in the middle of a lecture.

Week 1: Logic, sets and mappings, cardinality.
Labs: Combinatorics review.
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Week 2: Binary relations, equivalences.
Labs: Simple proofs, properties of mappings, investigating countability.
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Week 3: Partial ordering, well-ordered sets.
Labs: Proofs of properties of relations.
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Week 4: Induction and recursion.
Labs: Ordered sets, proofs of statements related to relations.
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Week 5: Divisibility, (extended) Euclid's algorithm.
Labs: Proofs by induction.
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Week 6: Congruences, counting modulo.
Labs: Euclid's and Bezout's algorithms, proofs with divisibility.
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Week 7: More on counting modulo.
Labs: Midterm 1. Counting modulo.
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Week 8: Binary relations, groups.
Labs: Solving equations modulo.
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Week 9: Recurrence equations, linear homogeneous case.
Labs: Monoids and groups.
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Week 10: Solving non-homogeneous linear recurrence equations with constant coefficients.
Labs: Solving homogeneous linear recurrence equations.
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Week 11: The Master theorem.
Labs: Písemka 2. Solving non-homogeneous linear recurrence equations by guessing.
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Week 12: Combinatorics.
Labs: The Master theorem, combinatorics.
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Week 13: Back-up class.
Labs: Back-up class.