Dr. Paola Vivi, Ph.D


Assistant Professor


department: 420+22435 5113
office: 420+22435 5111




Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (CVUT, FEL)
Department of Mathematics, Technicka 2.
Office: Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3 (5th floor), 166 27 Praha, Czech Republic.

My CV and publications.


  Office hours: by appointment every Thursday from 12:30 till 13:30. Solutions of all Practice problems are available for consultation during office hours.

  Math Tutor

BD5B01MA1 - Matematická analýza 1 (kombinované studium).

BD5B01MA2 - Matematická analýza 2 (kombinované studium).

BE5B01MA1 Calculus 1 (in English, winter term)

BE5B01LAL Linear Algebra (in English, winter term)

BE5B01MA2 - Calculus 2 (in English, spring term)

AE2B01MA3 Multidimensional Calculus/AE3B01MA2 Mathematics 2/AE1B01MA2 Multidemsional Analysis (in English, spring term)

AE4B01MA2 Calculus (in English, spring term)

AE0B01MA1 Introduction to Calculus (in English, winter term)

AE0B01LAL Linear Algebra AE0B01LAG Linear Algebra and its applications(in English, winter term)

AE2B99MAA Mathematical Applications (in English, spring 2010)