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Zikova 4, Praha 6, 2. poschodí, místnost č. 30 (Z4:B2-351)


Assoc. Prof. Katherina Roegner

Institute for Mathematics, TU Berlin


Multimedia in a blended-learning context


pondělí 12. 11. 2012 od 12:30



The MUMIE (MUltimedia Mathematics Education for Engineers) is an open-source learning and teaching platform that can be used flexibly in STEM courses. This educational tool has been appllied to the first-semester course „Lineare Algebra for Engineers“ at the Technical University Berlin, which is offered as a blended-learning course to over 3500 students per year. The basic goal of the didactical concept developed especially for this course is that the students are supported in their transition from school to university mathematics. Resources were created for each unit not only for students, but also for tutors to aid in activating students and to enhance students' thinking processes in tutorials. Typical problems and some ideas for alleviating these are discussed within this setting.





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