Position: Associate Professor
Phone: department: 420+22435 1111
office: 420+22435 3365
E-mail: (replace # with @ to obtain the correct address)
Address: CVUT, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (CVUT, FEL)
Department of Mathematics
Technicka 2
Prague, 166 27, Czech Republic
I may be aging but I refuse to grow up. (anonymous)

My CV.

Teaching: Office hours for the Fall 2019: Mondays 13:30—14:20 or by appointment.
Office hours for examination period by appointment.

Information on courses I currently teach:

Various resources related to my current and past classes (lecture notes, solved problems, exercises, etc.):

Other things:

Personal stuff:

My interests: I will start my list with arts: above all, I am an avid reader; I also like visual arts (impressionists, Asian arts) and rock music, and I really really enjoy ballroom dancing (my favourites are international rumba, cha-cha, tango, swing and waltz). I am very much interested in world history (especially the 20 century and philosophies and military conflicts of all ages), aviation (I focus on military aviation), technology and science in general. I enjoy working with computers and learning new skills (and playing games, most of all fighter simulators). Unfortunately, lately I do not have much time for my hobbies (why? see below), so the last few years I actually had to put some other interests on hiatus. I used to play guitar, build models of WW2 fighters in the 1/72 scale and destroy myself with tough mountain hikes, the steeper and higher, the better; I enjoy the "survivalist stuff": spending time in wilderness, sleeping in sleeping bag, eating only what you carry,... I hope one day I will be able to enjoy all this again.

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