Maple V Release 5 and 5.1 - List of New Features

NEW in Release 5.1!
Publish and Access Maple Worksheets on the Internet!

Hyperlink Maple Worksheets, with URL addressing in the document linking feature. This allows you to publish Maple Worksheet files on the Internet and download them directly into Maple V Release 5.1 by clicking on a URL link. Also, if you set up a link to an HTML file inside a Maple Worksheet and click on it, your Internet browser will automatically launch with the file.

Export to HTML Makes Web Publishing Easier than Ever!

Publishing technical papers on the web is easier than ever before with Maple V’s export to HTML feature. With a few simple clicks of the mouse you can export Maple V worksheets quickly and easily to HTML files.

MATLABTM Link for Maximum Flexibility

The MATLAB link integrates your Maple V worksheets with the MATLAB environment, letting you execute familiar MATLAB commands from inside Maple V! This link offers greater flexibility, allowing you to communicate directly with the MATLAB engine and get results within Maple V so you can solve a wider class of numeric and modeling applications.

Spreadsheet Functionality

You can create a spreadsheet* within Maple V to capture both spreadsheet functionality and the symbolic power of Maple V. For example, you can create a column of symbolic expressions and calculate their integrals in the next column, evaluate an entire spreadsheet or easily create a matrix by dragging and dropping the spreadsheet elements into your Maple worksheet.

Enhanced Graphical User Interface

An intuitive graphical user interface makes Maple V the undisputed leader for usability and flexibility among mathematical packages. Maple V is designed as a worksheet-based environment—the most efficient way to perform complex computations and provide an innovative document-processing environment.

Context-Sensitive Menus

Context-sensitive menus in Maple V guide you through mathematical operations and make style and plot attribute changes easy. Simply click on an expression and Maple V will bring up a menu of operations you can apply to that expression.

“Point and Click”

The “point and click” palette provides an intuitive way to enter expressions. From integrals to matrices, the palette provides two-dimensional templates directly in the Maple worksheet. A built-in expression editor offers you a fast way to alter expressions and enter Maple commands.

“Drag and Drop”

Maple V’s new drag and drop feature lets you easily move or copy expressions within a worksheet. This feature also makes it easier than ever to plot graphs— simply drag and drop an expression into a plot window to create the corresponding plot*.

More Mathematical Functionality than Ever Before!

Improvements have been added to Release 5 so that you can solve a wider class of problems than ever before. Newly improved capabilities include integral transforms, elliptic integration, differential equation tools, combinatorial structures, Groebner bases, and statistical plotting. Improvements have also been made to the 3-D geometry package, and the plotting tools package now includes an export to VRML feature.

* This feature is now available on all platforms.